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terakhir diperbarui Nov 26, 2016
ukuran 31.15MB
harga gratis
kategori arkade
peringkat konten rating untuk4.3
Meminta perangkat 4.0.3 dan lebih tinggi4.0.3 dan lebih tinggi
Bahasa Indonesia tidak ada
internet Tidak diperlukan
nama aplikasi ca.roofdog.roadtrip2
root tidak ada
pembelian ya
mendapatkannya dari Google Play Extreme Road Trip 2 APK+mod

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Extreme Road Trip 2 Description

Editor review

Extreme Road Trip 2 APK helps you killing time,playing a game,earn money,make money,playing with friends,wasting a few minutes. If you need arcade game,racing game,road trip,side scrolling,shooting game,endless running,reaction time,indie game, Extreme Road Trip 2 APK is the best casual game,replay value,fast paced,super fun,free game. Do you like cars and high speed? Then you will surely like Extreme Road Trip 2, in which you are to get behind the wheel, press the gas pedal and rush off-the-road soaring up into the sky and making crazy stunts! Despite the simple idea the arcade will give joy to any player, as it is always nice to shoot at breakneck speed along a variety of tracks. 15 different cars will be available; driving them you will have an opportunity to try your hand at 6 unique locations. Try to set a great record and unlock all the cars!. Extreme Road Trip 2 is a This is an exciting action game with amazing graphics and it's not possible to get bored with it: you must be alert at all times, since your reflexes will be put into test.

The controls are equally simple, with two buttons on the left and right of the screen. You just need to control the balance to keep the car land by its chassis. You must run and survive for as long as you can because the fuel are limited and you need to top it up regularly by racing through the canisters on the floor. After you run out of the fuel, your car will explode and the game is over.

The coins you've collected on previous runs can also be used to buy a host of upgrades, and also some power-ups like magnet or nitrous boost. They are helpful to run further. To get a higher score is much more challenge to you. The colorful graphics are bright and detailed, and the animation is much smoother. A special mention has to be made for the music too, which features furious foot-tapping chip-tunes that'll keep your nerves on edge.

Extreme Road Trip 2 contains enough variety and fun to make it worthy of a place in anyone's mobile game collection. It's a challenging but fair game, and it's packed full of incredibly satisfying stunts. Just try it!

apa yang baru

Behind-the-scenes perbaikan dan perbaikan bug. Terima kasih untuk bermain! Silakan laporkan setiap bug atau masalah untuk [email protected]


Pedal gas anda terjebak lagi! Lakukan stunts untuk mendapatkan nitro boost dan SLAM itu semua untuk membuka kecepatan gila overdrive! Kumpulkan koin untuk membuka mobil baru Anda bermain! Menyelesaikan misi dan mendapatkan hadiah!

lebih besar, lebih cepat, dan masih gratis!

Game ini memiliki musik yang mengagumkan dengan Jimmy "Monster Lingkaran Besar" Hinson (dari "Massa Efek 2" fame) dan sering diperbarui dengan konten yang lebih banyak.

== = = = Fitur = =

* Sangat cepat dan adiktif gameplay
* Aktifkan mobil karena Anda maju
* 78 mobil baru semua dengan lebih untuk datang.
* Misi lengkap untuk mendapatkan hadiah dan menguasai setiap mobil
* Flips, wheelies, panggilan akrab, slam dan stunts lainnya baru
* Ras terhadap replay dari teman Anda
* ledakan Besar dari memuaskan
* Drive di 11 lokasi menarik
* Menggunakan semua-baru power-up seperti magnet koin
* Musik Adiktif yang membuat pompa darah Anda
* Facebook prestasi dan leaderboards
* Gratis!

Jika Anda ke hal-hal yang menakjubkan yang menyenangkan, ini adalah permainan Anda harus men-download!

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